Cross-border Mediator



Excel Learning Centre’s Mandarin for Cross- border Mediator course will provide you with:
More effective representation of your profession nationwide
More confidence in delivering your professional mediation service in Mandarin
Greater verbal fluency and listening skills for attending mediation and conferences
Improved the use of Mainland China’s jargon in this industry 


Who should attend

This course is intended for mediators who wish to be involved in cross-border commercial disputes. The course will focus on the Mainland’s multi-dimensional dispute resolution mechanism and cross-border commercial mediation model. So that Hong Kong’s mediators can better cope with the different cross-border judicial systems so as to enhance and strengthen the existing mediation knowledge and professional skills and to learn how to handle cross-border commercial mediation cases.


Course trainers

They are credited listed member in the HKMAAL and HKIAC and are professional in this field. This enables them  to understand a range of client needs, both from a business and an Mandarin language perspective.