Why should I come to the HK to study Business Mandarin?
HK is a World City of commercial business and financial centre next to China. It has the longest history and the highest standards of Mandarin Chinese language training you can expect in the world. The city offers you experienced teachers, an abundance of learning resources (including all those native Mandarin Chinese speakers) and an environment that is totally designed around your learning needs. Its rich culture, history and natural resources enrich every part of your study experience. You will find learning Mandarin Chinese in HK is fun, stimulating and ‘real’. More importantly, immersed in the learning environment, you will find you can achieve more in a much shorter time than you could at home. HK is also renowned for being one of the most important centres of business next to Mainland China, which means you will have the opportunity to meet and make contact with people from all over the world. So where better to study?

Which course is suitable for me ? Business Mandarin or General Mandarin?
Business Mandarin courses are specially designed for professional people who need Mandarin Chinese for their work. They particularly emphasize the practical needs and objectives of individuals. They aim to help you have the Mandarin Chinese language skills you need in your work environment. Therefore, there are specialized language courses designed for different professions, such as lawyers, doctors, bankers, marketers and engineers etc.
Unlike a General Mandarin course, there are no set or standard course modules you have to follow; courses are based on your needs and by negotiation with your tutors. In this way, you can maximise the effectiveness of your study outcome. Classes are often small “mini groups” with other mature professional people, or one-to-one sessions.

How to choose a centre for business and professional Mandarin?
There are more than a hundred Mandarin language training centres in the HK; many of them claim they offer courses for everyone. However, only around few of them employing qualified trainer. So, firstly, always check if the centre is accredited by qualified trainers.
With the above important quality assurance factor taken into account, the rest is down to personal preference – such as location, environment and budget. Excel Learning Centre has designed a course search which will help you narrow down your choices. If you have further specific needs, please contact us and we will provide you with advice free of charge.

What are the questions should I ask a centre when choosing?
In addition to the usual questions people ask, we feel you may find the answers to the following questions will be helpful:
1. Do they provide the course I am looking for?
2. Is the course run on regular basis or on demand?
3. How long is one lesson – one hour or 45 minutes?
4. What is the experience and background of the trainers for the course?
5. Do the trainers have a background in the area of the course?
6. What is the format of classes the centre offers?
7. Does the total cost – tuition and transport – fit in my budget?

How can Excel Learning Centre help me find the right course?
Excel Learning Centre makes choosing a course easy. There are 3 ways we can help you:
1. Use our web site to find information about the course you are interested in and contact centres directly
2. Use the online Course Enquiry Form to send your specific requests. Your message will automatically be distributed to all Excel  Learning Centre. The centre twill respond to you directly.
3. Contact Excel Learning Centre directly and we will do our best to find answer your enquiry as quickly as possible.