Excel Learning Centre’s Mandarin for Accounting Professionals course will provide you with:
– More effective representation of your profession nationwide
– More confidence in delivering your information in Mandarin
– Greater verbal fluency and listening skills for attending symposia and conferences
– Improved telephone skills for telephone interviews and teleconferences


Who should attend

Suitable for

Accountant professionals , senior managers and auditors who are required to understand, interpret and deliver professional speeches and contractual issues or have a high profile meeting with Mainland China’s parties or partners.

Major area of focus

>Key field language and relevant terminology
>Review of field terms, e.g. income statement, liabilities, financial statement analysis…
>Daily conversation on accounting issues
>Skills for negotiating at a senior level

On completion

>Greater fluency and accuracy when discussing
>Ability to present complex issues and persuasively
>Posses greater interpersonal skills
>Increase verbal fluency for face-to-face negotiation
>The confidence in delivery a report or presentation
>Individual legal Mandarin


Course trainers

They had once worked as accountant in some famous international firms They are professional in this field. This enables them to understand a range of client needs, both from a business and an Mandarin language perspective.