Business Mandarin Trainer Coaching

Excel Learning Centre is not only a center delivering high quality of language to our clients but also playing an important role on the communication between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

This is a training course for potential language trainers to teach Business Mandarin for their embraced career. 

More than 20 years of Business Mandarin training service to expats and local institutions or privates, the methodology in delivery of Business Mandarin has been gained a lot and our language trainers have been learnt a lot! 

Teaching experience and mentoring sharing is our core idea with our colleagues. We would also like to share these with you too.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, language trainers must be managed and developed effectively, which is part of the coaching and mentoring training for modern work skills. Both coaching and mentoring are essential skills for any leading trainer in an organization. This Coaching and Mentoring training course enables you to build better teaching relationships with your students/clients through continuous and guided learning. It also helps to develop your coaching or mentoring skills at any level of business. This Coaching and Mentoring training course focuses on developing skills required to create stronger confidence that enable you to grow. Our highly expert trainers will help you become effective and engaging coaches or develop mutually beneficial relationships with your students/clients in future.

The design of the coaching course structure is listed below:-

  • Begin a lesson with a short review of previous., prerequisite learning,
  • Begin a lesson with a short statement of goals,
  • Present new material in small steps, with student practice after each step,
  • Give clear and detailed instructions and explanations,
  • Provide a high level of active practice for all students,
  • Ask a large number of questions, check for student understanding, and obtain response from all students,
  • Guide students during initial practice,
  • Provide systematic feedback and corrections and
  • Provide explicit instruction and practice for seatwork exercises and, where necessary, monitor students during seatwork.