About us

Excel Learning Centre is passionate about teaching Mandarin Chinese for general and business – it is open to all high quality accredited trainers who share this passion, and who specializes in providing Business Mandarin courses for professional people like you.


Our Aims:
To be the voice for the business and professional Mandarin Chinese language training industry,
To market Business Mandarin and other professional Mandarin Chinese courses to key target groups (e.g. companies, government agencies) ,
To provide a ‘one stop shop’ for clients,
To improve and maintain quality standards across the industry and
To provide professional support to our clients


Operation team
Excel Learning Centre is located at Central.
The day-to-day operations are run by the Course Manager, Miss Shirley Zhang.
For any enquiries, please contact Miss Shirley by email: info@businessmandarin.com.hk


Our Trainers
Excel Learning Centre possesses one of Hong Kong’s leading teams of professional Mandarin Chinese trainers. We have a long-established team of expert trainers, they are Beijing native Mandarin Chinese speakers with excellent educational background and hold qualifications conferred by major education institutions in China and passed China’s state language commission of National Putonghua Proficiency test with distinction level. They bear considerable international business experience with many years of Mandarin Chinese training know-how. They have the qualifications, maturity, sensitivity, personality and experience to deliver award-winning personalized training of the highest quality.


As a minimum, a Excel Learning Centre’s Mandarin trainer must have a:
– University degree
– Qualification in Teaching Mandarin Chinese to Adults
– 5 years’ + international business experience.