Excel Learning Centre’s Mandarin for Legal Professionals course will provide you with:
– More effective representation of your profession nationwide
– More confidence in delivering your information in Mandarin
– Greater verbal fluency and listening skills for attending symposia and conferences
– Improved telephone skills for telephone interviews and teleconferences


Who should attend

Suitable for

In-house counsel and lawyers required to communicate and draft on a nationwide level using precise legal language.

Major area of focus

>The accurate and appropriate use of vocabulary specific to your practice area or industry
>Communication skills for: client advising, giving legal opinions, attending national client or practice group meetings and participating in teleconferences

On completion

>More confident explaining points of law under China’s jurisdiction
>More effective and accomplished representation for your organization
>Great awareness of how to correct your own use of legal Mandarin
>Business Culture Awareness training


Course trainers

They had once worked as lawyer in China. They are professional in this field. This enables them to understand a range of client needs, both from a business and a Mandarin language perspective.