Excel Learning Centre’s Mandarin for Engineering Professionals course will provide you with:
More effective representation of your profession nationwide
More confidence in delivering your information in Mandarin
Greater verbal fluency and listening skills for attending symposia and conferences
Improved telephone skills for telephone interviews and teleconferences


Who should attend

Suitable for

Civil and construction engineering professionals , senior managers and directors who are required to understand, interpret and deliver progress statements, contractual issues or have a high profile meeting with Mainland China’s parties

Major area of focus

>Development, Decision making, Secretarial requirements
>Business / organization negotiation
>Construction management
>Architectural culture
>M & E requirement

On completion

>Greater fluency and accuracy when discussing
>Ability to present complex issues and persuasively
>Posses greater interpersonal skills


Course trainers

They had once worked as senior staff in some famous international firms They are professional in this field. This enables them  to understand a range of client needs, both from a business and an Mandarin language perspective.