China’s National Condition


Course Objectives:

This course is to solve a World outlook and the concept of China, the former refers to the human understanding of the development of the world trend and the trend of view or the fundamental point of view, which refers to the recognition of China’s development history and prospects of the view or fundamental point of view. At the same time, through the correct understanding of the differences between the World outlook and the Chinese view, to help students establish a healthy outlook on life and values, to achieve individual value and social value of the organic integration.


Suitable for:

For those leaving college students and foreigners who would frequently fly to Mainland China, mainly to help them adjust themselves from a comfortable legal protection of society into another one like the Hong Kong 70’s thriving but full of risks and opportunities.


Course trainers:

They had experienced the Great Culture Revolution, know well about the Chinese behaves and had once worked as senior staff in some famous international firms.
They are professional in this field. This enables them  to understand a range of client needs, both from a business and an Mandarin language perspective.